As the nation’s largest private hospital provider, Ramsay Health Care is continually looking for innovative ways through PR and communications to attract the best doctors and deliver world-class patient care. 


Sequel supports Australia’s largest private hospital operator with internal and external communication services including media and investor relations, media training, digital content and PR strategy.

By focusing on effective, targeted communications, we work with Ramsay to reinforce its culture of caring for people and its excellent record of delivering high-quality medical services.

Examples include showcasing Ramsay’s innovation through media coverage of its technological advancements in surgical techniques and patient care, as well as profiling Ramsay’s extraordinary employees through media and online profiling.

Sequel has also provided expert, timely support on a range of critical communications during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Through targeted media pitches, Sequel PR generated widespread television, radio, print and online coverage that positioned Ramsay Health Care as a frontrunner in its field.