Working from home is no picnic

One month down and hands up if you’ve put on 10 kilos?

Apparently, the constant whirring of your brain is not enough to offset regular trips to the fridge.

One month of working from home and what have we learnt (not necessarily in order of importance)?

  • Wet hair looks crummy on a video conference

  • Husband likes frequent chats

  • Teenager has no idea how to open the dishwasher

  • The weather forecast no longer matters

  • Dog is able to sleep 20 hours a day

  • Work can continue in a pandemic

You may love #wfh but it’s not a natural fit for many.

Here are our two top tips for staying sane:


Got a long driveway? Walk up and down it a few times a day.

Kids at home? Take them around the block a couple of times.

Hate walking? Hit the carpet for morning and afternoon yoga.

If you’re looking for inspiration, the Nike Training Club app is free. Try the seven minute desk detox to break up your day.


Stick to your normal morning routine then “go to work” – even if it’s six steps to the lounge room. Quarantine the space you work in (i.e. don’t work all over the house) and add some happy touches to your desk, like photos and a plant.

Importantly, get dressed for work – sure, keep it casual but no more stretchy pants and dressing gown.

Just remember, when this is all over, you are going to have to leave the house, so try to steer clear of the kitchen.

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