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like to try new things and fairly frequently am asked about the apps and online tools I use to I plan and create.

There’s so much on offer for communicators, it can be hard to know where to start. So, here’s my current list of go-to gizmos…


DIY social media posts, posters, flyers, invitations, infographics etc. Incredibly easy to use drag-and-drop design. A lot of it’s free, just make sure any images you upload aren’t copyright!


A desktop video editor, also handy for screen recording. Read the manual – it’s got lots of tricks.


Honestly, I’d be lost without being able to store and share files this way; the mobile app is excellent and you can easily scan receipts / photos / notes etc. and store them in specific folders.

Raw Shorts

Want to make your own animation? Raw Shorts has shortcomings but it’s nifty for creating your own quick, quirky explainer videos. Just don’t ask too much of it. Hopefully, the developers will overcome its limitations as it becomes more popular.


Who doesn’t love typography?! Add gorgeous text to your photos on iPhone and iPad. Super polished but the automation doesn’t allow much customisation.

Of course, you’ll still need lashings of imagination, inspiration and mad skills to make the most of the tech but isn’t it fantastic to have so much at our fingertips!

Barbara Cox

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