Slim's Quality Burgers sign up to Slacks Creek Development

Slims Quality Burger will expand across Queensland over the coming year revealing plans it will open a new store in the $30 million mixed-use Churchill Development Group development at Slacks Creek.

The development, at 200 Kingston Rd, is to be anchored by United Petroleum with the fuel company and Slims Quality Burger both signing 10-year leases.

Slims Quality Burger’s company director, Nik Rollison said it has secured 145 square metres for the outlet.

“We can’t wait to swing open the doors in southern Brisbane,” Mr Rollison said.

“We were keen to secure a site in the area and we liked what the Churchill Development Group had on offer. Office, retail and a fuel stop offers Slim’s a good mix of potential customers. We don’t have to just depend on people coming in for fuel – the serviced offices will house a regular, and we hope very hungry, workforce.

“It’s a perfect spot for us to be located.”

Churchill Development Group, Managing Director, David Schuh said the partnership with the team behind some of Australia’s most innovative food outlets in the last decade had them excited.

“Slim’s represents something fresh and new for the area but also it brings a fresh twist to the traditional fuel stop,” Mr Schuh said.

“Slim’s offers fast food but the emphasis is on quality, freshness. It won’t be the ‘run-of-the-mill’ burger joint.

“And, the cream on top – apart from securing a long term rental – this tenant sells hand scooped sundaes topped with fresh whipped cream!”

Agency HQ Commercial agent Paul Flego negotiated the sale of the land to the Churchill Development Group for $5.45 million and is now negotiating the leasing of the development.

“With two impressive tenants such as United and Slim’s, much of the office and retail space has already been leased,” Mr Flego said.

“Slacks Creek is an area that’s undergoing quite a regeneration with a significant amount of new-look developments and businesses moving into the area.”

Mr Schuh said serviced office spaces in the development was something new for the region.

“We’ve noticed demand from people who are growing their small businesses who want to move out of their homes and into office space. Potential tenants will have the option of taking up five- and ten-year leases. The biggest of which is 25 square metres, at a rate of $450 a square metre.”

The team behind Slim's are the same guys who bought Australia the famed Betty's Burgers.

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