Singing Superstar gives her dad the gift of sound for Father’s Day

Australia’s multi-talented Natalie Bassingthwaighte has given her dad the gift of sound this Father’s Day.

“This is life-changing for Dad, he was starting to withdraw socially because he was simply struggling to hear,” Natalie said.

Wollongong’s Michael Bassingthwaighte has suffered from hearing loss all his life after being born with perforated ear drums.

“You could sense his frustration due to his hearing impairment, so this is a wonderful opportunity to be able to give him the gift of sound thanks to Oticon.”

Natalie’s father is the first Australian to experience one of the world’s newest music technologies, Oticon MyMusic. MyMusic is a brand-new feature available in Oticon More hearing aids.

Oticon MyMusic is so cutting edge, it was only released in Australia late-August. It especially improves the music listening experience for people with hearing loss, which made the hearing aids a perfect gift from Nat to her dad.

Michael’s hearing devices can also be linked to compatible smartphones, allowing him to connect with Natalie from afar and directly stream her music and control his hearings aids from an app.

Michael said the chance to better hear his daughter perform “will make his Father’s Day.”

“Dad is my biggest fan, I’m so grateful he’ll now have the ability to hear clearly,” Natalie said.

The Oticon hearing aids Michael has been fitted with are the world’s first to have been trained on 12 million real-life sound scenes to support how the brain naturally works.

Oticon Australia, National Audiology Manager, Jonathan Constantine said, “This new technology focuses on the fact we hear with our brains not our ears, so like people who have good hearing we need to provide all of the sounds so the brain can work out which ones it wants to focus on.”

Oticon More scans and analyses a sound scene at 500 times per second allowing the brain to process relevant sounds.

“The quality and clarity of the sounds and letters that make up the words has significantly improved,” Michael said.

People who have hearing loss will often just avoid crowded or noisy situations but with the help of his new hearing aids, Michael can enjoy Natalie’s live performances.

Although the father and daughter won’t be able to see each other in person this Father’s Day due to lockdowns they will be able to chat over Facetime and for the first time in a very long time Michael will be able to hear Natalie loud and clear.

More than 3.6 million Australians suffer from hearing loss.

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