Raising a glass to Zero alcohol beer

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Seven's Sunrise Weather Presenter, James Tobin & Outback Wrangler, Matt Wright enjoying a Great Northern Zero on Sydney Harbour

Great Northern Brewing Co has today raised a glass to the national release of its first-ever non-alcoholic brew, Great Northern Zero.

Great Northern’s Lauren Fildes said the company’s foray into the non-alcoholic beer market reflected the booming demand amongst Australians for alcohol-free beer options.

“At Great Northern, we believe Australia’s thirst for drinking in moderation should be celebrated so by working with our innovative local team of brewers, we have created a full tasting n beer that will now be readily available nationally.

“Zero alcohol beer has grown by 87 per cent throughout 2020 and is continuing to grow, with that part of the market expected to be worth $135 million by 2025.

“Fans of Great Northern are an outdoorsy lot who want the freedom to 4WD, boat, fish, kayak or hike and still enjoy a cold Great Northern with their mates. They will now have a non-alcoholic option to give them more options to moderate their drinking.

“We have tested Great Northern Zero in Queensland and the Northern Territory over the past few months and the taste and brew has received overwhelming approval in the Great North. Within four months of launching, it became the number 1 non-alcoholic beer there and now beer lovers all over Australia will be able to enjoy it too.

ABS data shows Australians are increasingly moderating their alcohol intake and research released this year predicts demand for low and no alcohol beverages in ten key countries, including Australia, will continue to grow in the next five years.

“Consumers have become more conscious of what they consume, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Men and women are both seeking non-alcoholic beer with the strongest demand coming from those aged 25 to 45,” Ms Fildes said.

“Great Northern Zero is the perfect alternative for those who want to enjoy the freedom of having a cold beer with mates but still be able to enjoy the Great Australian outdoor lifestyle – whether it be boating, fishing or four-wheel driving.

“And for those wondering whether they will be compromising on taste, it most certainly does not. Great Northern Zero has a fruity aroma which carries through to the palate with a subtle bitterness which finishes clean and crisp.”

Great Northern Ambassador and Outback Wrangler, Matt Wright reckons non-alcoholic beer is a winner.

Wright said it was the perfect accompaniment to a day spent in the great outdoors.

“Whether you’re out on a boat with the family, on the water fishing with mates or looking for a rogue croc, you definitely feel like a coldie,” he said.

Media contact: Michelle Hele, Sequel PR

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