R U OCoffee?

It’s really something to witness how much work can go into making something happen in the media; a duck doing this much underwater legwork would be more like an ostrich!

But it’s been a genuine pleasure this month to work with Sequel client Merlo Coffee and their partnership with R U OK? Day.

We are long-time Merlo devotees at home – as well as here at work – and I have a deep connection with R U OK, having been great mates at school with the son of the man whose suicide inspired a movement that’s now 10 years old.

Barry was a larger-than-life bloke but, with three popular sons, unable to remember the names of their innumerable friends. Solution? Each of us was known solely by our position on the rugby field and, in my case, I was “hooker”. Thanks Barry.

So, when I see the stories and hear R U OK? on Brisbane radio (thanks to 97.3FM), I think of Barry and the Larkin boys.

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