Queensland is Australia’s largest producer of non-alcoholic beer

CUB’s Yatala operation will roll out the 1 millionth carton of Carlton Zero, officially making the Gold Coast/Queensland-based brewery the largest producer of non-alcoholic beer in Australia.

CUB’s Yatala Manager Tom Robinson said Australian’s had developed a real thirst for non-alcoholic beer with Carlton Zero only going into production two years ago.

“No, low and mid-strength beers now make up around a quarter of our beer sales across the country, something that seemed impossible just a few years ago,” he said.

“Times are changing and while Aussie beer lovers still want great-tasting beer, they increasingly understand the benefits of moderate consumption.

“When I started in brewing in the 1980’s, I would never have believed you would sell much beer with no alcohol, let alone make one million cartons of it!

“The CUB team here at Yatala are very proud of becoming Australia’s largest producer of this new brand and growing non-alcoholic category.”

CUB’s Yatala operation is Australia’s biggest brewery directly employing 260 Queenslanders.

Mr Robinson said Yatala and Carlton Zero have played a critical role in helping drive the moderation trend.

“Yatala is the only brewery that brews Carlton Zero. And since we released it in late 2018, non-alcoholic beer sales in bottleshops have multiplied a staggering 40 times,” he said.

“Carlton Zero sparked this unprecedented surge in demand because it finally gave Australian beer lovers a non-alcoholic beer that actually tasted like beer.

“It tastes like regular beer because the Yatala brewers use the same ingredients they use in regular beer. And to ensure the taste is not ruined when the alcohol is removed, we installed equipment on-site to separate the alcohol from the beer using an innovative vacuum technique.”

Carlton Zero continues to grow in popularity, with sales increasing 40% in its second year. Its popularity is expected to grow as more Australians look for more opportunities to drink beer in the no, low and mid-strength range.

“One million cartons is a big achievement for any new Australian beer but for one without alcohol it’s massive,” Mr Robinson said. “We’re looking forward to seeing what else this beer and the Yatala Brewery achieve next.”

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