Merlo launch new canned cold brew

Queenslanders have ditched hot coffee in favour of iced beverages, with Brisbane’s Merlo Coffee reporting a super-spike in the sale of cold coffee and launching its own canned Cold Brew.

After a sweltering Queensland summer in which sales of iced coffees soared, Dean Merlo said it was time to launch the “smooth and invigorating” new drink, which comes in a can in Merlo’s trademark blue and white.

Mr Merlo said while hot coffee was still the most popular order, there had been a real swing towards a cold brew and in the highly competitive coffee industry staying ahead of the game was essential, leading the company to make changes to its retail and trade operations to promote quality cold coffee drinks.

An average of 1.1 million Australians – or about 5.6 per cent of the population – now drink cold coffee each week, according to Roy Morgan research.

“Some people, like me, can’t live without their Mezzo Mezzo or long black in the morning, but over the long hot summer, we saw more people than ever make the switch to cold coffee,” Mr Merlo said.

Merlo Head Roaster, Simon Brooks said the new Cold Brew was less acidic and smoother than a traditional long black or espresso shot.

“It’s brewed between 16 to 24-hours with cold water as opposed to an espresso machine which uses pressure to extract the coffee.” Each Cold Brew can contains the equivalent amount of caffeine to a double shot espresso.

For coffee connoisseurs he describes the Cold Brew as smooth and a little bit sweet. For the health conscious the brew is sugar free, dairy free and is suitable for vegans.

Mr Brooks said the secret to a good cold coffee was all in the beans.

Merlo use a premium single origin from Zambia which delivers hints of dark chocolate and tropical fruit to the palate.

“Traditionally when we think about iced coffee, we picture tall glasses filled with ice cream and cream - today, unsweetened iced coffee varieties are hugely popular, and give people the option of enjoying a good quality cold coffee, without the extra calories,” Mr Merlo said.

The Merlo Cold Brew cans are available in all Merlo-owned locations.


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