Lights, camera, action: the ideal set up for your video interview

Zoom, Skype, Teams, Webex… video calls have become a staple for working from home and, with studio interviews largely off the table, media outlets have also embraced the webcam. But getting the most out of your remote video interview is a bit more tricky than just flicking on the camera.

Here are our top three tips for perfecting your set up:

1. Let there be light.

The right lighting is critical for computer or phone cameras. Too much light blows out the picture and draws the eye away from you. Too little and you will be in silhouette. Make sure the light source is in front of your face and preferably from a natural source, like filtered sunlight.

2. Frame it.

Framing is particularly important for a video interview. Your head should be in the top third of the screen, not the middle. Leave room for any text on screen and make sure the angle is square and centred… you don’t want viewers looking up your nose or admiring your isolation hair do!

3. What is that in the background?

Not all of us have a chic home office, so take a good look around the room you are ‘going live’ in and make sure it’s media friendly. A plain wall with a subtle piece of artwork behind you is ideal but, if that is not possible, remove anything behind you that could become a distraction. An unmade bed, bottles of wine or a sleeping dog will distract from what you’re saying.

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