Helping Aussie farmers one coffee at a time

Australia’s growing coffee culture is helping struggling dairy farmers, with new figures revealing an increase in coffee consumption has led to higher milk sales.

While a couple of flat whites a week may not seem like much, according to Dairy Australia between five and 12 per cent of milk produced in Australia is consumed in coffee.

Australians consume about 103 litres of milk per person a year, either straight up or in other products such as coffee and cheese.

“Australia’s coffee culture is a big market for dairy,” a Dairy Australia spokesman said.

“Despite some growth in plant-based alternatives, dairy milk remains the preferred choice nationally. Purchasing dairy based coffee helps to support Australia’s dairy farmers.”

Brisbane-based Merlo Coffee buys about one-million litres of milk a year just for its retail locations and has now launched an ice coffee range with a local milk producer.

Founder Dean Merlo said it was great to know they were doing their little bit to help Aussie farmers.

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