Hand sanitiser ready for take-off

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) has taken delivery of some timely and extremely precious cargo, thanks to Carlton & United Breweries (CUB).

More than a thousands 500ml bottles of hand sanitiser have been donated by CUB, with the product to be distributed to RFDS workers and aeromedical bases across Queensland.

The donation is part of an initiative by CUB to give at least 500 litres of hand sanitiser to those who need it most, including doctors and nurses, in the fight against COVID-19.

The sanitiser will take-off on RFDS flights throughout regional Queensland and be distributed through its nine operational bases.

CUB CEO Peter Filipovic said it was critical that RFDS staff were kept safe from the virus.

“CUB has a long history of supporting the community in times of need,” he said. “So when we heard they needed sanitiser, we arranged this donation to help ensure they continue their vital work on the frontline.

“It’s times like this when the whole community should come together and support each other. Providing sanitiser is a practical way for us to lend a hand."

Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) CEO Meredith Staib said the organisation was more than happy to get on board with the initiative as, like a lot of medical services, they had struggled to secure larger quantities of hand sanitiser

“We have had some issues with supply so this will be a welcome boost to our stocks,” she said.

“The RFDS employs more than 400 people in Queensland from pilots to doctors, nurses and other health professionals. We operate 20 aircraft from nine operational bases located in Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Charleville, Mount Isa, Longreach and Roma, so you can be sure this donation will be well used throughout the state.”

CUB is producing the hand sanitiser in partnership with leading hygiene company Ecolab.

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