Celebrating the 'Keep Goings'​

As the countdown clock at Sequel PR ticks ominously toward our 20-year milestone, the observations of Josh Jones in this LinkedIn article really resonate.

Time flies (whether you’re having fun or not) – our communications business will be two decades old come 17 April 2020 which, experience tells us, will be in the blink of an eye.

That's got me pondering the highs and lows of two decades’ worth of professional life.

Alongside my long-suffering business partner (she spends more time with me than my husband and kids), we’ve shared the highest of highs and the lowest of lows this industry has to offer and all the various shades in between.

So, it seems worthy of celebration that we’re still here.

What is it that makes us a keep going?

It’s definitely not untold riches ... we should have invented Post-its, Amazon or Facebook for that!

It’s what Jones refers to as “getting it done, slowly, carefully and with attention to excellence, improvement and integrity”.

What I am most proud of over these past two decades is that we have tried, without exception, really hard.

Half-arsed has never been in our professional vernacular. Where we have failed, it has not been for lack of effort. For us, business has always been personal. We care. We’ve given our all to our clients and our colleagues and our causes.

We’ve focused on four ‘i’s’ which seem to be pivotal to our longevity:

  • Innovation – it’s a buzz word these days but it keeps you at the top of your game and induces brainstorming and collaboration, which is kind of like air and water for creative types!

  • Inspiration – learning constantly from the people you are surrounded by and those you collaborate with ensures endless opportunity for professional and personal growth.

  • Integrity – being decent, honest humans who at their core genuinely want the best for the people they work with and for.

  • Impact – making a difference, whether it be to a bottom line or a better world, getting results feeds the soul of those who pride themselves on working and trying hard.

No doubt more navel gazing would elicit further gems of rear view wisdom but the reality of being a ‘keep going’ is that there’s precious little time for that … you have to keep going!

- Melissa Watter

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