3 easy ways to reset your year...

As the corporate world starts to grind back into full swing it’s time for us all to walk the talk. “In the new year, I want to…” sounds great and achievable in late October and the thought process is as sensible as it is noble.

It’ll be quieter over the Christmas break. We’ll have time to refresh our marketing communications materials then. We’ll put together a bank of really engaging digital content and come up with good content management strategy that the whole organisation can contribute to. We’ll run those media training refreshers before things get too crazy.

But it’s amazing how quickly October becomes February.

Fortunately, the reset button doesn’t launch a nuclear warhead! You can press it again if the experiment fails, so don’t be afraid.

Rethinking your approach to marketing or communications might attract new audiences who want to hear your story.

How to reset your year

If you haven’t already rebooted, don’t despair! Here are a few cheats that might help you hit your communications reset:

Ditch the list

Long lists can be overwhelming despite new year intentions.  Do yourself a favour and choose THE NUMBER ONE thing you want to change and then set about doing it.  Big or small - knocking off that outstanding item that irritates you most, or the performance trait that lets you down, will help you reset.

Make a date

Before the calendar fills entirely with meeting requests or work trips, diarise some hours to devote to your wish list. Block out a half day for your media training refresher and book the course; make a meeting time with the web designer to discuss a new look and feel; lock in a date for new corporate headshots or videoing some customer testimonials. Do it before October rolls around again!

Do it differently

Same old, same old is safe but is it effective?  Sometimes you need to try new things to extend yourself and your organisation. If you haven’t embraced the digital revolution take a baby step.  Write a blog, film a short interview explaining what your organisation does and why you’re better than the rest, agree to try the podcast your PR team is keen on.

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