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Case Study

Sequel PR has worked with the Australian arm of international hearing aid company Oticon for the past three years on various product campaigns.

In August 2021 we were tasked with promoting their newest technology.

The Oticon More 1 hearing aids are a world first, which feature Oticon’s most sophisticated sound processor to supports the brain’s natural way of organising sounds.

The new technology offers direct streaming for the user from compatible iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. A special Oticon ON app also lets the user personalize the listening experience via a new streaming equalizer which that allows you to fine-tune the sounds when streaming.

With that in mind, Oticon signed up Natalie Bassingthwaighte and her father to promote the new hearing aids.

Michael Bassingthwaighte has been hearing impaired since birth after suffering perforated ear drums.

Sequel worked with print, radio, and television media to generate coverage of Natalie giving her dad the gift of sound for Father’s Day.

New South Wales lockdowns meant we were unable to organise a production crew to film Michael Bassingthwaite having his new hearing aids fitted. We also couldn’t get any professional photos of the pair together as they live in different parts of the state which were affected by Covid-19 restrictions.

Vision was filmed on iPhones by family members, collated and edited and old family photos were used to fill the void of having no fresh images.

Zoom calls were organized for Natalie’s live TV appearance on Channel 7’s The Morning Show.

Their story also appeared in National Celebrity Magazine – WHO and received online coverage as well. We targeted the Illawarra Mercury and WAVE FM in Wollongong due to Natalie and Michael’s family ties to the region.

Overall, a successful campaign using a well-known Australian singer and her dad with a nice connection to Father’s Day.