The beer from up here and the beer Sequel PR helped make a PR star.


Sequel PR has chalked up  more than a decade partnership with Great Northern Brewing Co, helping plot its course using PR to grow the brand from its humble beginnings to Australia’s fastest growing beer brand.

The brewing experiment by a group of Queensland beer lovers a decade ago turned into a 108 million carton juggernaut, with the team at Sequel PR on hand to help devise and deliver public relations generating millions of dollars worth of earned media for the iconic Australian beer along the way.

The relationship quickly evolved from simply promoting a new beer to helping Great Northern in its quest to give back to its loyal customers and help the Australian community which had so wholeheartedly supported it.

Sequel PR continues to manage the PR for Great Northern Brewing Co. nationally.  Sequel PR has driven media around key milestones, Ambassador strategies, sponsorships, sales-based promotions, community activations and new products including Great Northern Super Crisp and Great Northern Zero.

A PR highlight for the brand was the development and execution in 2018 of the drought relief campaign – Let it Pour.  This campaign was designed to support a ‘give back’ to regional Australians suffering at the hands of Australia’s worst drought. In just three weeks, Sequel PR conceived, strategised and implemented a multi-channelled national campaign.
Sequel PR prepared media materials, sourced talent and pitched and supported TV, radio, print and online media opportunities nationally.

At the same time, Sequel PR drove a local, grassroots campaign which reached an audience of more than 6.7 million Australians and successfully raised more than $1.2 million for drought-affected farmers and communities.

The strategy delivered hundreds of news stories across all media from Nine’s Today program to metropolitan and regional radio and newspapers.

Sequel PR’s strategy included leveraging the media’s own social platforms to amplify the call to action and as a result Let it Pour became a social media sensation appearing on more than 2.2 million individual Facebook feeds.

The national promotion was so successful, Great Northern had hoteliers calling them asking to be included and the campaign ran for a second time in 2019 achieving similar strong results.

When COVID hit Australia in early 2020 Sequel PR again worked with Great Northern to launch a campaign aimed at driving tourists back to the great outdoors.

In October 2020 Great Northern celebrated 10 years. Sequel PR was again able to successfully leverage this event driving significant radio, online, print and TV coverage to mark the milestone.