Helping Queenslanders get their hands on some “Good Money”

Good Shepherd Microfinance

Cairns and Gold Coast Good Money stores recently opened to give Queenslanders greater access to the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) and the StepUP low interest loan.

Sequel PR’s job: build awareness and get low income Queenslanders using Good Money’s smart loan options instead of payday lending, fast cash or expensive consumer lease contracts.

An initiative between not-for-profit Good Shepherd Microfinance and the Queensland Government meant there were no big budgets or nimble above-the-line marketing campaigns.  To combat the payday lender competition, Sequel PR prepared a high-reach grassroots campaign targeted at mainstream media and featuring relatable stories.

Sequel PR successfully achieved widespread national and statewide TV coverage. Radio, online and print media reported both store openings and we secured a week-long free promotion with local, target-rich Cairns radio station 4CA.  Breakfast show host, Murray Jones interviewed talent and promoted the Good Money store daily.

The results – fantastic! In the first day of operation, each of the Good Money stores received a record number of enquiries and have since written a record number of loans.  They are now making a significant difference, preventing many vulnerable Queenslanders from being caught in high-interest loan schemes.